Friday, January 20, 2012

StrongArm's Top 200 Tracks of the year. THE FINAL 20. #20-11

#20 Blu "Amnesia"

Dope ass song from Blu. Blu dropped multiple projects in 2011, this is off the re-release of his 2009 ep, but i hadn't heard it so it made my list.  Check out his EP here:

#19 Curren$y & The Alchemist - Scottie Pippens feat. Freddie Gibbs

This is a huge record. One of my favorite tracks of the year, and Gibbs regards it as one his favorite verses. Peep the song above, and the album here:

#18 Tyler the Creator "She" feat. Frank Ocean (prod. Tyler the Creator)

A dope beat, and ill hook from Frank Ocean combined with the most popular newcomer in 2011 (along with Kendrick), This is a huge track, and one i bumped A LOT on my radio show in 2011. Check out the obscure video above, and get "Goblin" here:

#17 Jay Rock "Say Wassup" feat. Ab Soul, Kendrick Lamar & Schoolboy Q (prod. Dae One)

Black Hippy! in full effect. This is only the 2nd song with all four emcees on it, besides freestyles and mixtape tracks from way back. Much like Zip that Chop That which dropped in 2010 with a dope video... this track features all four emcees spittin and a crazy 3rd verse with combination rhymes. Ab Soul spits on the first verse "This the realest shit i wrote, on my mama homie... my teachers used to call my mama on me, now ima rap star n i could fuck my mamas homies"... Watch the video above, and get the album here:

#16 Raekwon "Rich and Black" feat. Nas (prod. Sean C & LV)

I mean the title of this song and the people on it, speaks for itself. Sean C & LV have doen some great production this year.. this is an ill beat... and Nas kills it "....I got more to lose than you do, but im a ridah, when did the rules change, yall livin trendy on pennies, meeting deadlines with ease no gain, you fire im butane, gator tims, ostrich belts, these be the times that i surprise myself, my niggaz lookin liek black crows that pack shows...." Watch the video above, and get Raekwons Shaolin vs. Wu-tang here:

#15 9th Wonder "Enjoy" feat. Warren G, Murs & KEndrick Lamar

This is an amazing song, 3 different generations of LA emcees over 9th instrumentation...the verses get better and better. Warren G drops some nostalgic spits, while Murs and Kendrick spit some of their signature flows. Murs spits "Grew up with a blue team, before there was a u stream, seen a lot of niggaz knocked out ova shoe strings..." Kendrick "... got my shit buzzin when shit wasnt a doorbell, an insect or a lightyear insight..." This is one of the cleanest joints of the year. Listen to it above, and get 9th wonder's The Wonder Years here:

#14 Jay-z & Kanye West "Murder to Excellence " prod. Swizz Beatz/S1

"MY advice for you dont increase my stress though"... Jay-z & Kanye brought us a dope ass album in 2011, and this is one of my fav tracks off it. Listen to it above, and get Watch the throne here:

#13 Lupe Fiasco "All Black Everything" prod. The Buchanans

I thought there were a lot of big inspirational records in 2011. This is one of them. Lupe Spits about what the world would be like if there was no black and white, an interesting concept "... Extra extra on the news stands, Black woman voted head of Ku Klux Klan, Malcolm Little dies as a old man, Martin Luther King read the eulogy for him, Followed by Bill O’Reilly who read from the Quran, President Bush sends condolences from Iran, Where FOX News reports live, That Ahmadinejad wins Mandela peace prize". This is a dope track, and one of the only tracks i was actually feeling off his "L.A.S.E.R.S" album which did real well on the charts, but was a bit of a dissapointment in my eyes. LAsers is available here:

#12 Self scientific "Peaceful (justice for oscar" feat. Freddie Gibbs & Krondon

This is an ill track, timeless music that represents the times. Crazy verse from Freddie Gibbs, and 2 solid ones from Chace Infinite as well. Self Scientific's EP is one of my favorite projects of the year. Chace infinite spits "You confused a pistol for a tazer gun really?...shitt... another notch for the devils that support this..." Get the ep here:

#11 Slaughterhouse "Everybody Down" prod. Black Milk

Nuff Said, Slaughterhouse ill lyricism meets Black Milks ill instrumentation. Get the slaughterhouse ep:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

StrongArm's 200 Favorite Tracks of 2011 #30-21

#30 Evidence "You" prod. DJ Premier

One of the best tracks of the year, E-V hooks up with DJ Premier for this ill track. Evidence spits: "Slappin these beats, im no snoozer ,6 million days to die, go ahead and choose 1, we from the same block, but all we gettin is the same guac, i think one of us needs to shine, only room for one, one of us needs to go, a sinking both and only one will survive..." Watch the music video above, and get "Cats & Dogs" asap!:

#29 Dom Kennedy "Grind'N" prod. Cardo

This track is so big it got people saying the word "Grind'n"... and one of my fellow DJ's at KSJS, Maxine, named her show after this song. A true anthem... Dom spits "On my way function, pull up in the front, damn this shit look like its jumpin... jumpin this my introduction, mom calls me dom, i smash it like a pumpkin, drunk it,... girl you really frontin... if its not with you, bet im leavin here with somethin...." Peep the video above shot by the homies Infamous Green Streets, and get From The Westside with Love 2 asap here:

#28 Talib Kweli "Tater Tot" prod. Nick Speed

This is an ill story track from Talib off "Gutter Rainbows". Peep the song above, and get the album here:

#27 Murs - 316 Ways (prod. Ski Beatz)

This is an amazing song, Murs really delves into emotion but balances it with aggressive lyricism here, creating my favorite track off his impressive "Love & Rockets" album produced entirely by Ski Beatz.. Murs spits " 316 ways to kill a hater dead, thou shall not kill, so i let em motivate instead...2 commandments, die and pay taxes, fight to stay righteous while im living in this bracket, crooks in the castles, prophets in the projects, black mans president, still the worlds a hot mess..." Murs killed his performance of this in San Francisco on Hip-Hop & Love tour, and the energy of the song is unique and one of the best tracks of the year. Watch the video above, and Check out the album here:

#26 Sahtyre "Miss Communication" prod. Elos

This is a unique joint off Saht's "The Buddha" mixtape. The track is produced by Alpha Pup producer Elos, and Saht chronicles balancing his relationship issues with being an emcee. He spits ".. said she didnt want a man, now she got a boyfriend, she be trippin ova lil shit, earl boykins, wanna go to lunch, but i got an appointment, i be irritatin her, she be so annoying, she be instigatin shit, i be indifferent, i forget to call her, she dont even listen...." The music video , shot/edited/produced by Amadeuz Christ for Open University/IV League films will drop on February 14th, 2012. Peep the knocksteady performance of the track above, and get the album here:

#25 Pac Div "Somethin" feat. TY$

This is another classic California track, kick back, light up a blunt and listen to ish like this. Much like "Rollin" off of Dont Mention It, Somethin showcases Pac Div's chill, story telling side. This is one of my favorite joints of the year, Check out Mania  project, one of two projects Pac Div dropped in 2011, here:

#24 Dom Kennedy "Cdc" feat. Casey Veggies & CaRter (prod. Hit-Boy)

This is a fuckin banger, anthem status.... Dom spits "Fitted wit a c on it, belt wit a g on it, hold my dick up, make ya girl wanna be on it, it dont sound good sound good, unless we on it.. name start wit a d, but i sound like a g on it... shittin on this song like niggaz cant pee on it, independent artists but you know nothin for free on this, if you gon put me on this, you know i number 3 on this... das dwayne wade foo, you know you betta put some d on this, dam i love rappin, got my cheese stackin, you must be out yo mind if you think i aint snackin... never let ya girlfriend kick it wit no rappers... dom come first, veggies came after....". Watch the video above, and get "The Original Dom Kennedy" here:

#23 Kendrick Lamar "Live Again" feat. Curt@ins & Schoolboy Q (prod. Tae Beast)

An ill track, and one of the first Kendrick lamar tracks i heard in 2011. I had heard Look out for Detox and wanted more so i saw this video, at that time it was under the radar and had barely any views and had just dropped. Kendrick spits "Lifestyles of a kid who never had shit, livin off that bag shit, that shoot shit, that stab shit, rock a flag and dont giv a fuck about us flag shit, george bush got some nerve, fuck a war we tryin to serve..." This is a dope ass atmospheric song... Never gets old.

#22 Kendrick Lamar- Rigamortis (prod. Willie B)

This is a crazy track. Kendrick spits rapid, this shows what hes made of as an emcee. peep the dope music video above, and get section 80, the best album of the year, hands down, here:

#21 Tyler the Creator "Yonkers"

Crazy track, that catapulted Tyler from an underground artist that only a cult of followers knew about, to someone that everyone and their mama knew about. Peep the video above, (you might as well have been living under a rock if you havent seen it though). Goblin is available here:

StrongArm's 200 Favorite Tracks of 2011 #40-31

#40 Fashawn- Gettin it (prod. NIma Fadavi)

An ill track from Fashawn, produced by Bay Area producer Nima Fadavi. The track is gritty, the video is coming soon from Open University productions. Fashawn spits : "I got my orisue hoody on, orange juice jays, laced in the latest fashion, gettin paid, feelin like new money, louis v shades, cover eye my aces, i be fly, let me explain, baby, let me explain....  ".... "Big homie told me you gon need a chain, you gon need a thumper if you rollin in a range or jag, depends on where you aim, some niggaz want the fame, same niggaz want it all, my philosophy while you livin have a ball, you can be like santiago, lookin fly for them all, gettin money is the motto gotta get it, through they skull, how you a high roller, n you aint got a car, you supposed to shine, gotta look like a star....". This is a banger and one of the dopest tracks of the year and dropped right at the end. You can download it here:

#39 Pac Div- Posted (prod. Like & Dahi)

This is one of the dopest tracks of the year, but also one of the illest videos. All three emcees Mibbs, Be Young & LIke spit ill verses over this unique beat. Mibbs spits "we four deep packed up, just in case he act up, he get stomped out, smacked up, ambulances, fire trucks, wired up , high as fuck, makin loot, you drying up..." Be Young spits "Old school with the newest wood, im posted up and draped down, you trickin on and simpin on em, you sending hoes that paypal" ... "...Might be out at fox hills, might be out at lennox, Them yellow broads wit me like they might be out the simpsons" THis is a banger for sure. Peep the video above, and cop the the album here:

#38 Dem One- Whats it All About

This is a timeless track, dope lyrics and production. The last track off dem one's Audio Still Life project, Get it here:

#37 Locksmith- Lock (prod. Ski Beatz)

THis is a dope ass track. The first track i heard from Locksmith and Ski Beatz, which lead to many more to come later, and an entire album "Embedded". THis track is not on embedded, however you can check that album out here:

#36 Blue Scholars- Yuri Kochiyama

A very dope track off Blue Scholars' Cinemetropolis album.

#35 Self Scientific- Left Side

A dope West Coast Anthem, DJ Khalil shows why he is one of the elite producers out here on the west. `Chace spits "Yall know what time it is, it aint hard to do the math, niggaz want the real shit, only we could bring it back, from the home of cornrows, khakis and crooked sacs, self scientific is evidence of all of that.. .coming from the west side, left side of the map".. Listen to it above, get the album below:

Get the album for free here:

#34 Rockie Fresh- Duckin n Dodgin Feat. Casey Veggies prod. Uncle Dave

THis song is one of the funnest tracks of 2011. Both ROckie Fresh and Casey Veggies steez out and
as you can see in the video, they are just having fun with it. Casey Veggies spits "....THe promoters be bogus homie, i need my cash now, young veggies and the green stand for cash cow, and watch me milk it all out, told myself if i get the chance im goin all out... " Dope beat from Uncle Dave.  Watch the video above, and get ROckie Fresh's album here:

#33 Random Axe- Everybody Nobody Somebody

One of the dopest beats of the year. All 3 verses are fire, this shows the potential of a group like Sean Price, GUilty Simpson + Black Milk. RAndom Axe's album was my 2nd favorite album of the year, this  track is a big indicator of how dope it is. Listen to it above, and get the album here:

#32 Jay- Z & Kanye West- No Church in the Wild feat. Frank Ocean

THe intro track to Watch the Throne was pretty much perfect. With great vocals from Frank OCean and dope verses from jay-Z & kanye, this is one of the cleanest tracks of the year. Jay-z Spits "Tears on the mausoleum floor, blood stains the coliseum doors, lies on the lips of a priest, thanksgiving disguised as a feast, rollin in a rolles royce carriche, only the doctors dodge us, im hidin from police, cocaine seats, all white like i got the whole thing bleached, drug dealer shique, i wonder if a players prayers reach..." Listen to it above, get watch the throne here:

#31 Phonte- Not Here Anymore feat. Elzhi (prod. 9th Wonder)

The lead single off Phonte's CHarity Starts at home album is amazing, with a great verse from Elzhi, and dope vocals and raps from Phonte. Phonte spits on the 2nd verse "... Te embodies an architect, and when he rhymes about it, he bodies the whole alphabet, so bury me a g..." Check the video out above, and get the album here:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

StrongArm's Favorite Tracks #50-41

#50 Thurz- Riot feat. Black Thought (prod. DJ Khalil)

A dope collabo, Thurz (Thurzday) dropped this single off L.A. Riot and it immediately went into rotation. A Dope DJ Khalil beat and an ill verse from Black Thought, make this one of my fav joints of the year. Peep L.A. Riot here:

#49 Kendrick Lamar- Ronald Regan Era feat. RZA (prod. Tae Beast)

"Granny said when im old enough, i be sure to be all i can be... you niggaz marcus camby, washed up, pussy fix ya panties, im mr. marcus, you gettin fucked, UGHH"... Kendrick dropped this track, and proved that Section 80 was going to be the album to look for this year. Cop the album here:

#48 Reks- The 25th Hour (prod. DJ Premier)

"WE in the 25th hour, its now or never.... " Reks spits on this ill DJ premier beat... Peep the dope video above, and check out REks' album here, its one of the best releases of 2011 so make sure u get that:

#47 The Cool Kids - Gas Station feat. Bun B

A dope collabo, The Cool kids When Fish Ride Bicycles was a very impressive project, and this smooth melodic track is a good testament to that. Props for the All Eyes on me shout out. Listen above, get the album here:

#46 Pharaohe Monche - Black Hand Side feat. Styles P & Phonte

A great song, all 3 verses are ill and Phonte's hook is perfect. This is just a great song, and works on all levels. Peep the video above, and get Pharaohe's critically acclaimed album (and rightfully so), here:

#45 The Roots- The Other side feat. Bilal & P.O.R.N.

An amazing song off The Roots' "Undun" project. This one features Bilal and emcee P.O.R.N. Peep the song above, and cop the album here:

#44 Big Sean - Get It feat. Pharell (prod. The Neptunes)

Such a dope song, Pharell put out some ill shit in 2011. this is a good example (also the beat on the cool kids album, the beat on watch the throne..etc..). Listen above, cop the album:

#43 J. Cole- Rise & Shine (prod. J. Cole)

Another dope track from an artist who has been catapulted from the underground to mainstream. But i still fuck wit hollywood cole. This song is dope... he spits "But i been dreamin of the paper, get rich before i see my life taper, hope my momma get to see jamaica before she meet her maker, i hooped but never quite good enough to be a laker, but these words i record got me ballin, jordan.... more than a rapper this a natural disaster, boy ima meaner than katrina mixed with gina what up cole...". listen to it above and check the album out on itunes:

#42 Talib Kweli- How YOu love Me (prod. Blaq Toven)

A classic track from Talib, this one never gets old, ive been bumping it all year. Check out the video above, and the album below

#41 Murs & Terrace Martin - Fresh Kicks

Sneaker anthem of the year!!!... Props to Murs, one of the most influential people in hip-hop and Terrace Martin, one of the most talented producers in the game. Video above, album below:

Monday, January 9, 2012

StrongArm's 200 Favorite Tracks of 2011 #60-51

#60 The Cool Kids - "Roll Call" feat. Asher Roth, Chip The Ripper & Boldy James

This is a dope posse cut off The "When Fish Ride Bicycles" album. Asher Roth might have the best verse, although every emcee does their thing and Mikey Rocks sets the tone from the start wit bars. The track is above, and the the album is here:

#59 Pac Div- Top Down Feat. Skeme & Casey Veggies (prod. Swiff D)

This is another dope track with Mibbs, Skeme, BeYoung and Casey Veggies all merkin the beat. I like the locations in the video, and the girl in BeYoung's scene, haha. THis is a dope track and every time i hear it, i get amp'd. I really like Skeme's verse on this. Peep the video above, and Pac Div's album "The Div" is available here:

#58 Kendrick Lamar- The Spiteful Chant feat. Schoolboy Q (prod. Sounwave)

This is an anthem for me. "Im going big, suck my dick". Kendrick's hook, bridge and his verses are fire, and Schoolby Q rips it too. This is another reason why Section 80 is my favorite album of the year. no weak tracks, and this is no exception. Listen to it above, and cop the album here:

#57 Statik Selektah - Play The Game feat. Freddie Gibbs & Big K.R.I.T.

A dope single off Statik's "Population Control". KRIT and Gibbs have a great chemistry on this track. Gibbs spits "I remember way back, my first 8th of, cut it into piece did my thang wit dat, young with king kong balls...." This is a very dope track, laid back music with ill lyricism, spark it up and play this. Listen above, and cop Statik's album here:

#56 Talib Kweli - Cold Rain prod. Ski Beatz

Another banger from Ski Beatz, who has been extremely active this year. Talib spits "Whether jesus or muhammad, regardless of where the mosque is, they hopin for the apocalypse, like self fullfilling prophets, tell me when we do stop this? do they ask your religion before you rent an apartment? Is the answer burning korans, so that we could offend islamics? the end is upon us with a hash tag to trend the topic".  This one off of Talib Kweli's "Gutter Rainbows". Check out the video above, and the album here:

#55 Statik Selektah -  Half Moon Part feat. Skyzoo, Chuuwee & Tayyib Ali

This is a dope track, Skyzoo teamin up with Sacramento's Chuuwee on this. Chuuwee spits "Scarface the rapper did more than scarface the movie for us, of course, cuz bitches sellin they soul to be married, pushin a porsche, mattresses by the window, sleepin out on the porch..." Dope track, listen above, and get the album here:

#54 Drake- Underground Kings

Probably my favorite song off take care.

#53 TiRon & ayomari- No Wonder (prod. D.K.)

This is my favorite joint off A Sucker For Pumps. TiRon & Ayomari spit fire on this, and the verses make a lot of sense. Check out them peforming the track on KNocksteady TV, above. and make sure u cop the album below, one of the best projects of 2011:

#52 Dom kennedy- PLatinum Chanel

This became an anthem, I get hella requests for this on my radio show, even now 5 or 6 months after the album has dropped. Like he said in an interview i did with him "This is one of those dom kennedy songs". Signature dom. Listen above, and get the album here:

#51 Jay- Z & Kanye West - Gotta Have it (prod. The Neptunes & Kanye West)

Another dope track off the Watch the throne album, with the infamous line from jay "im plankin on a million". Credit The Neptunes and Kanye for the beat. Listen above, and get watch the throne here:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

StrongArm's 200 Favorite Tracks of 2011 #70-61

#70 Ab Soul "Loosen my tie" prod. Sounwave

Another dope track from the #TDE camp... Soul spits "Wish i could put the BS behind me, and yes i been fresh, you need sterilizing.... and yes i been left, and you aint invited... everytime im arriving, everybody excited...". This is a dope song, uplifting, heartfelt lyrics from a dope artist. Look for Ab Soul to blow up in 2012, even more so than he already has.

#69 Jay-Z & Kanye West- "Niggaz in Paris" (prod. Hit-Boy, Kanye West, Mike Dean)

This might be the biggest club track of the year. Definetely a dope track. I dont htink i need to quote the lyrics. Funny how there still ain't no music video for this. This year Jay and Ye' balled so hard... i think its too late now and they should just drop one of the other tracks vid.

#68 Bad Meets Evil (Royce Da 5'9 & Eminem)- "Fast Lane" prod. Supa Dups

An ill track, with a dope video. Royce and Eminem on top of their lyrical steez, Eminem spits "Catch me in my mercedez, bumpin ice ice baby, screamin shady till i die, like i have a pair of dice, life's crazy, so i live it till the foolish, like im swayze, n you only live it once, so im thinkin bout this nice nice lady, there aint no stoppin me now before i get on a roll (danish!)...." Eminem back on his shit... this track is ill, no other way to describe it.

#67 The Cool Kids - "Penny Hardaway"

A dope collabo. The Cool Kids and Ghostface Killah? everything about this song is dope, from the beat to ghost's verse to the cool kids steez. Listen to it above, and cop "When Fish Ride Bicycles" here:

#66 Random Axe "Jahphy Joe" feat. Danny Brown

A Dope ass track and collabo between Random Axe and Danny Brown. Brown spits "I would never fuck ya bitch, she walk like an aadvark"... Sean Price spits "When 2pac shakur, got locked up north, i had 2 blocks of raw and a glock for support... listen"... A dope track, all verses are murder. Tracks like this are why this is one of the most consistent and dope albums of the year.

#65 Nemo Achida "Nemotional"

One of the dopest tracks of the year. Nemo Achida has quickly become one of my favorite artists to check for. HIs Goodbye Brooklyn EP caught my attention, and then Nemotional confirmed it. This title track off the latter project, consists of Nemo spitting "From the beginning i knew i was a star, 10 year old girls played rock paper scissors, just rob me on the handle bars"... Peep the video above, and get the album for FREE here:

#64 Dom Kennedy "Goodbye" prod. Chuck Inglish

Dom Kennedy linking up with Chuck Inglish? well the result was as expected, FUCKING DOPE. Peep this bangin track, with ill lines such as "Shit is simple, my young niggaz, grab ya pens and pencils, dont try to be all flashy, just work on the fundamentals, dont go between ya legs, before you even learn to how to dribble, and the man that has a lot, i bet he started with a little". Peep the song above, and get the album "The Original Dom Kennedy", one of two dope projects that DOm dropped this year, here:

#63 Thurz "Rodney King" prod. Ro Blvd.

Former U-N-I frontman, Thurz dropped a dope concept album called "L.A. Riot" this year. Regarded as one of the most slept on projects of the year by publications such as hiphopdx, this song "Rodney King" where he raps from the perspective of Rodney King is unique, and entertaining yet breathtaking in its realism. Peep the track above, and cop the album here:

#62 Big K.R.I.T. "Dreamin"

Another ill track off the Return4eva project, written, produced and performed by Big K.R.I.T., whom along with Kendrick Lamar and Freddie Gibbs, made the most noise among any artists in 2011. Peep the visual above, and get return4eva here:

#61 Common "Ghetto Dreams' feat. Nas (prod. No I.D.)

A dope collabo. And now theres talks of a whole album with the two? Anyhow this is one of the best tracks off Common's comeback album, produced entirely by No I.D. Peep the video above, and get teh album here:

Friday, January 6, 2012

StrongArm's 200 Favorite Tracks of 2011. #80-71

#80 Pusha T "Trouble on my mind" feat. Tyler the creator

Dope ass collabo, dope ass track, Tyler merks it. Nuff said. Watch the video above and Peep pusha's album here:

#79 Sahtyre " High" feat. Jazmine Golan

A dope cut from Los Angeles emcee Sahtyre. Saht spits " " . This is one of my favorite tracks off Saht's The Buddha. Download it here:

#78 Reks "The Wonder Years" prod. Hi-Tek

One of my favorite cuts off Reks R.E.K.S album. Beat from Hi-Tek, Reks drops an ill hook and some hot verses on this. Listen to it above, and get the album here:

#77 Pac Div "Show You" feat. BJ The Chicago Kid

One of my favorite Pac Div tracks, this is on a lighter vibe, but it features one of my favorite vocalists at the moment, BJ The Chicago Kid, droppin another ill hook. This is off Pac Div's Mania, which dropped for free in March. Like from Pac Div spits"Okay, baby im sorry, but let me be the one to say that you are quite startling, okay this some geek shit, but can you keep a secret, lowkey, i think im the one that you should be with, take it or leave it, braid it or weave it....". This is one is for the ladies, but its dope. Get Mania here:

#76 Locksmith "The Bottom" prod. Ski Beatz

Another ill cut off "Embedded". This one Lock boasts  "I was born as a muslim, submission to the most high, bullets flying and mothers crying, whats close by, folks sighed in relief, hopin they dont die, niggaz spillin beans for pies, no bowtie, stores open from overdosin off coke highs, booboo got murdered for nothin, my nigga no how did i become such a lyricist, every saturday was debatin jehova's witnesses...."... Lock murders this dope beat from Ski Beatz. Get the album here:

# 75 Stalley "The Night" Prod. Rashad

Another ill track off "Lincoln Way NIghts". Stalley and Rashad make an amazing duo. Stalley spits on this "My older homie's told me hustlin a part of making it, and no one's handin over anything, you gotta take it, not simple rules, when you tryna flex skills, and align yourself with bills, and a keep a hold of faith wit it... " Stalley has quickly became one of my favorite artists during this past year. Listen to the track above, and get the album here:

#74 The Roots "Stomp" feat. P.O.R.N.

This beat immediately grabs your attention. The Roots always comes legit. Peep the track above, and cop Undun here:

#73 TiRon & Ayomari "Jack Kerouac" prod. Dahi

The intro track to A Sucker for Pumps is poetic, moving and just great music in general. A great start to a quality project. TiRon breaks it down in the second verse "I said I loved her, But I loved another, She said she loved me, wanted me only then she fucked another, And then I got lonely 'til I met Nikki and she did the same, But instead of me treating it case by case like que sera sera, It's no surprise it's just my pride and rider rider in me". Check out A Sucker for Pumps here:

#72 Blu "Doowhop" feat. Planet Asia & Killer Ben

THis is a dope cut off the "Jesus" Lp. Blu dropped several projects in 2011. This track was an instant favorite of mine and i played it alot on my radio show friday nights in the bay area on 90.5FM KSJS. Peep it above, and cop the Jesus LP here:

#71 Phonte "Everything is Falling down" prod. Khrysis

Khyris always has a knack for making some of the beats to my favorite tracks. This is no exception, a great track off Phonte's dope Charity Starts at Home. Listen to it above, and buy it here: